• Reel diameter: 1.25''W (32mm)
  • Cord length: 34'' (864mm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Belt clip
  • Clear vinyl strap with stainless snap to secure credentials

Black Badge Reel

SKU: 2120-3031
Color: Black
  • The 2120-3031 badge reel belt clips are easy to slide on and off with no damage to clothing. The belt clip is a great option when you need your badge near you, but it is not required to be seen at eye-level. The clear vinyl straps used with the 2120-3031 are the most common attachment option for badge reels. The strap is fed through the slot on your ID badge or badge holder and then the button is snapped closed to secure your ID badge. Badge reels with clear vinyl straps require your ID cards to have slots punched in them if you wish to secure them directly to your cards. If your cards do not have a slot, the CSP-G manual slot punch is a great way to add them.